Growing old together doesn't mean you have to accept aging and all its potential problems! You have an option to combat the biological effects of aging, preventing physical and mental deterioration through Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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    You've been dreaming of your wedding day your entire life and the time to walk down the aisle is near. You will look the way you have always imagined, absolutely gorgeous! Because you now have in your hands the fitness and nutrition tools and the plan to feel and look spectacular in your wedding dress on your most special day.

    Dr. Rob Kominiarek, America's Fitness DoctorTM is a board certified family physician with an expertise in health, fitness and nutrition. He is Host of AmericasFitnessDoctor.TV and author of The Bride's Guide to Quick Weight Loss. He is on Facebook as America's Fitness DoctorTM. Visit him Online at AmericasFitnessDoctor.com and on Twitter as Americasfitnessdr.

    In Dr. Rob's book The Bride's Guide to Quick Weight Loss You will discover:

    • Healthy Skin for Your Wedding Day! 6 easy steps to clearer brighter skin!
    • How to Stop Emotional Eating! 6 simple tips to stop sabotaging your wedding weight loss goal.
    • Stress Management during the most important time of your life, 6 easy solutions to making the time before your wedding easy breezy!
    • Dr. Rob's 80-10-10 Rule to Weight LossDiscover where your weight loss success starts and ends everyday.
    • Dr. Rob's N.E.W.R. You PlanUnderstanding these 4 elements of healthy habits will give you years of youthful living.
    • Discover How to Never Count Calories Again, Ever!
    • Use This One Color To Lose Weight Immediately! And 3 other effective weight loss tips.
    • The Three Elements of Weight Loss! Mastering these always guarantees Success.
    • Add Spice to Your Life And Lose Inches from Your Waist!
    • Eat these fruits and vegetables to accelerate your weight loss.
    • Specific bridal exercises to burn the most fat!
    • Exactly what to do before you exercise to incinerate the fat off your body by using the very hormones your body makes naturally.
    • A 31-day Bridal exercise and nutrition plan that tells you exactly what to eat and what exercises to do each and every day so there is absolutely no guessing on your part and Dee will show you the exercises.
    • Exercises that target those difficult areas all women have: the waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks.
    • Eat the foods you like! Make dozens of different combinations of food and lose weight.
    • Get skinny for any special event!Class reunion, vacation, wedding, family reunion or any other special occasion.
    • The Bride's Guide Journalto keep track of all those important items crucial to your special day.
    • The Bride's Guide to Quick Weight Loss book is conveniently sized so you can take it with you to the gym to keep track of your progress and to all your bridal appointments so you can write down all the important items for the day you have dreamed about your entire life.
    Reclaim your peak health through Predictive, Preventative and Proactive Precision Medicine!

    Optimum health is no accident. It is the reward for taking a preventative and proactive approach towards your personal health.

    "I find it very rewarding to help people recover their personal peak performance. So many have worked hard for numerous years building their life and businesses that it is easy to forget to take care of your individual health needs. Here at ReNue Health we make it simple. We tailor a specific plan to accommodate your needs based on in-depth testing we perform right here at our office. In a single day you are ready to put your personalized plan to optimum health in motion. We have helped individuals from all over the world who have sought our specialized and unique services."

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